How To Fix Salty Water

Having good tasting water is very thirst quenching especially on a hot Florida summer day and having it taste salty is disgusting and not good at all.

Usually, salty water is caused by a malfunction of ya preexisting water softening system in your home or place of business. Water softeners are design use salt to soften (or clean) hard water bacteria and or particles that may be harmful to your health. The malfunction that causes the salty tasting water usually is an inadequate backwashing due to lack of pressure or volume. A line may be clogged or the valve may be mal-adusted on your water softener. The salt dosage also may be too high. 

This may be the cause of your water to taste salty, but there may be other factors that are causing the salty water. The only way to know for sure is to have us come over and diagnose the problem. I am a professional expert of all water softening filtration systems, so you can trust us to repair or even replace your current system.

If you are tired of the salty taste of your water and want to get rid of the problem for good, you can also try our all new Salt Free Water Softener. It is the most environmentally conscious hard water softening/conditioning system available. This system prevents the calcium & magnesium minerals from entering your water without the use of salt.

What can I do to treat my water?

Well there are quite a few options actually. We can assist you in finding the right option for you, no matter what your budget or situation is! There are litterally hundreds of different types of water filters that you can choose from.  

Contact us today and we'll help get started on the right path to cleaner, safer and more refreshing water for you and your family! 

We sell, install, replace and handle everything that has to do with water filters! Trust us to get the job done.

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