5 Steps To Great Water

Step #1

Define your water problem. What's wrong with your water? Sounds simple enough but knowing what’s wrong with your water is absolutely essential to correcting it. Sometimes it’s easy to define; “my water stinks!” or “I’ve got terrible iron stains”, sometimes it’s more subtle.  Hardness may bother one person while others don’t even notice it (most men)(guy’s would bathe in a mud puddle). Water quality problems can either be “hazardous” or “nuisance”.  Most calls I get are “nuisance” complaints; that’s not to say there isn’t some “dangerous” water problems but most are not.  Here’s what to do! Call me! I’ll come test your water and we’ll talk about it.  Ask for the test results.  Hardness will be in GPG (grains per gallon) Iron (PPM parts per million) pH (acid/alkalinity number around 7) TDS (total dissolved solids–great
number to know) all these numbers will help you define your water problem. If there is something wrong, you’ll know exactly what it is! 

Step #2

Sorry, step two is educating yourself.  In Florida there are many problems with our water quality, sad but true.  Ground water is naturally purified as it seeps down through the earth. If the earth below is nice hard granite and rock, the water is filtered wonderfully; Florida ground has no granite, just a whole lot of mud (along with lime stone and other stuff, just no good rock!) so, we get crappy water.  Just as there are many potential problems with water there is equally as many treatment methods. But, because you have “defined your water problem” it’s now a matter of evaluating all the different technologies available to fix it. To do this you’ll obviously have to talk with water treatment professionals. I recommend you read my “Don’t Get Ripped Off” page!  For the purpose of this list “educating yourself” refers to the various treatment methods. Talk with a few pro’s and you’ll start hearing some common terms.  After listening to different treatment options you’ll have a much better understanding of which technology is right for your needs. 

Step #3

Decide on a what treatment method or technology is best for you. It’s really no fun sorting through the sales claims (half of which are bogus) and trying to decipher if what you are being told is true but that’s what you gotta do. Listen to folks you trust.  What did they use to fix their water?  Ask your neighbors!  Talk with smart people like me (call 407-366-1234). Don’t believe everything you see and hear!  There are some ridiculous commercials out about a product that removes the harmful effects (notice they don’t say removes the hardness just the effects) of calcium and lime with no salt, no regeneration, no maintenance, no service… forever!  It’s total bull! The only reference they’ll be able to give you is some guy that’s so embarrassed he bought the thing he’ll never admit it doesn’t work!  Just because they have great claims and commercials doesn’t make it true... Listen and compare but don't commit! Be sure to take your time; if you're feeling pushed or hurried it's a sure sign you're being screwed.

Step #4

You've defined your water problem... found out about all the different treatment options... compared a couple companies pricing for the same system type... now CALL the BBB! Please do a little research into the company you're about to hire, it's so important! References? Any complaint history? Remember any company can get an A+ rating but a complaint history is where you want to look! Any complaints, don't buy from them, period! (don't believe the lie about we're so big a 1% complaint history is really very good... the fact is you've got to do something very bad to get someone mad enough that they'll spend all the time and energy to file a complaint. So,1% is really 1% of the 100 people they tried to cheat or lie or rip-off!). Also, the BBB complaint history is the only unbiased resource designed to protect you, the consumer. online @ centralflorida.bbb.org or phone 407-621-3300 Use it!

Step #5

If you want to insure you've done all the right steps... just go with me! CENTRAL FLORIDA WATER SYSTEMS will always be your best choice! You can actually skip steps 1, 2, 3, and 4!!!

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