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Paul Squadrito

I’ve been in the water improvement industry for the past 34 years.  Most of my background has been at the wholesale supply level. I’d been supplying these knuckle-heads their equipment and looked over the counter and said to myself, “self, you could do so much better!” So, I decided to create a company that would bring honesty and integrity to an industry that was woefully lacking in both.

I take great pride in every job I do and it’s this personal pride in workmanship that separates me from the big guys. Actually, pride in workmanship is just one of the many ways I separate myself from the giants. I truly built my business on the godly principle of honesty and integrity. Fair pricing, customer referrals and loyalty are my ideas of advertising. My customers become my friends. I enjoy solving their problems efficiently and economically.

Sadly, this industry has its share of unethical companies. Often I hear stories of folks getting ripped off and over paying for inferior equipment. You must protect yourselves. Do a little research and be sure before you commit!

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