Happy Customers


Paul, installed the water softener and filter system for drinking water about a year ago (Aug 2011) for me and my brother .I had done my own research and found his price comparably better. He did the installation of the system as planned and on time, he explained everything in detail. Water tastes significantly better after the filter system ,also we have noticed that the utensils don't get the water stains when dried. . He offered great service. I would recommend him without hesitation.

— Samir

I'm writing to say thank you for installing a wonderful water conditioning system in my home. My wife and I are thrilled with our "new water." Not only is the chlorine odor and taste gone, but also the floating particulates and the hardness are no more. We actually look forward to drinking our water these days! Additionally, our coffee tastes so much better, and our dish washer, countertops, and showers are noticeably cleaner.Thank you too for taking the time to explain how various water conditioning systems work, for your integrity regarding the use of quality hardware options and plumbing equipment, and for your fair pricing. The latter almost seemed too good to be true compared with the quote we received from a national chain for a comparable system.

— Larry

Just to let you know, I am an engineer trained to do research and evaluate materials, processes, etc. When I do a home project, I always approach it as if my company is about to spend money on it. Money is precious to both me personally and my company, but more importantly I want excellent value and quality. The system, regardless of what it is, has to be highly reliable or I most likely will not buy it. It is for this reason that I chose Paul to install my water conditioner (WC) and RO system.

— Simon Ramire 

Description Of Work:I used Central Florida Water Systems in August. We had a complete system put in with a reverse osmosis.Member Comments: He was great. He was professional. He knows what he was doing. The price was good, he was cheaper than some other companies. I couldn't ask for anything better.I would definitely use him again in the future.

— Angie's List Reviews


We have been dealing with bottled water since we moved here five years ago and were really tired of lugging the heavy bottles.  A plumber was doing some work for me and I ask about a solution for my problem and he suggested I call Paul Squadrito at Central Florida Water Systems.

— Stafford

“You can’t go wrong having Paul install a new system for you or having him service an existing system . He is the last of a dying breed. He is honest and hard-working. He is concerned that you will be a satisfied customer and advertise for him via word of mouth. After all, isn’t that the most effective form of advertisement?

He will do the job right to ensure that you are satisfied. He will do the work as if he’s working on his own water system; all of this at a reasonable price. No, he doesn’t work for free; but he charges his customers a fair price for the quality work that he does. How do I know? I’m one of his satisfied customers. I’d be happy to chat with anyone regarding Paul’s work ethics and the quality of his workmanship.”

— Harold Disler

Thank you for the great job you and your company did in fixing our water. As you know we have struggled with this stinking water for the entire 9 years we’ve lived here and finally believe we found a system that works! The Iron & Sulfur Eliminator you put in has been perfect and RELIABLE!
We will recommend you to all our neighbors. Thanks again.

— Bill & Laura

This letter of recommendation is gladly given on behalf of my family and myself for the outstanding performance done by C.F.W.S.. It is without reservation I write this note; may it aide in confirming the outstanding quality of professionalism and performance rendered.
Anyone investigating for consideration may be assured this company is of the highest quality and standards.

— Raymond


We are happy to write this letter of recommendation. If anybody would like to know how great you are they can email us and we’ll reply with a great letter. I hope you and CFWS great success.


We have used Paul (CFWS) for the past five or six years and love what he has done for us.
Our water system was breaking down every week and the water was awful.

Paul repaired the system for a very fair cost. Last year we had him replace it with a new system. Our water is great now and we don’t have to worry about it breaking. 

Thanks Paul, hope this letter helps!