Why Us



I promise to be completely honest in what I say and represent to everyone. I have built this business based on telling the truth. I can sleep at night and answer my phone knowing I've been honest in all my dealings both customers and suppliers. Honesty is in my nature; I couldn’t operate any other way!


Value is honesty in pricing combined with integrity in performance. It say's "I got the greatest return for the money I paid". And "what I got is well worth what I paid". You'll never have "buyer’s remorse" with me!


C.F.W.S. has built an unparalleled reputation in the past 10 years. Satisfied customers and referrals are the mark of a great reputation. I am proud of all the wonderful folks I’ve had the privilege to work for… I have been blessed with so many great customers over these years…building a great reputation has been a blast… Thanks ya’ll!


Experience is gained over time by doing and learning one’s trade over and over. I have grown and learned so much over the past ten years I almost feel sorry for the first few hundred systems I installed! I’m at a point now where I feel so skilled and knowledgeable I know I can do my job better than just about anyone… Sorry that’s just how confident I am!

Peace of mind

Peace of mind comes from adding up all the reasons above and knowing you’ve made the right decision for fixing your water. Rest assured when you trust C.F.W.S. with your treatment the job is done right!



Integrity is who you are when nobody is watching. 10 years ago I opened CFWS under the Godly principles of honesty and integrity and believe I have held true to those values. People trust people and companies with “Integrity”. You can trust C.F.W.S. 


Knowledge is not only knowing facts, it understands how things work together. A deep understanding of water chemistry is essential for any great water treatment company. Ask about my “Water Plant Operators” certificate and credentials.


Quality in products and workmanship. One I have control over the other I choose the best manufactures’ available. I take great pride in every single element of each system… after all it’s my reputation that’s on the line. Every single item is done to the best of my ability…period! That’s quality!


Location is important for both the ability to provide great service and knowing the local water chemistry. I have been living and working in Central Florida since 1989 with another 10 years in south Florida… I know Florida water! Servicing Orange, Seminole, Lake and Volusia counties C.F.W.S. is in your local.

i need your business

No kidding! In these tough economic times who can afford to over pay or worse buy ineffective equipment or technology? I need your business but you need to do business with me also! Get the best… it aint boastin if it’s true! C.F.W.S. the best water treatment company in Florida!