How To Fix Iron Water

One of the biggest complaints around the country with regards to drinking water is iron. Billions of dollars are spent buying bottled water bought in either individual servings from the grocery store or from a service like Hinckley and Shmitt and a significant reason for this is the iron taste.

The iron present in drinking water in many areas throughout the country is not harmful to drink for humans or animals but it is quite harmful for the plumbing pipes and plumbing equipment in your home. Without treatment of some kind high iron content in your local water supply can 

  • Stain clothing

  • Stain plumbing fixtures

  • Stain appliances

  • Clog water piping

Iron is not considered hazardous to health. In fact, iron is essential for good health because it transports oxygen in your blood. In the United States, most tap water probably supplies less than 5 percent of the dietary requirement for iron.

When the level of iron in water exceeds the 0.3 mg/l limit, we experience red, brown, or yellow staining of laundry, glassware, dishes. and household fixtures such as bathtubs and sinks. The water may also have a metallic taste and an offensive odor. Water system piping and fixtures can also become restricted or clogged. 

Dissolved iron gives water a disagreeable metallic taste. When the iron combines with tea, coffee and other beverages, it produces an inky, black appearance and a harsh, unacceptable taste. Vegetables cooked in water containing excessive iron turn dark and look unappealing.

What can I do to fix my Iron water problem?

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