How To Fix Stinky Water

Another common problem with drinking water is a rotten egg smell. Softening can make smelly water much worse.This is dissolved hydrogen sulfide, it’s more common name is “sulfur”. Hydrogen sulfides can enter into the water system through wells or cisterns from decaying and decomposing plant material. Below are a few of the problems common to high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide:

  • Rotten egg smell

  • Bitter/ foul taste

  • Rotten egg smell on the

  • hot side only.

  • High concentrations of

  • sulfides can cause similar problems

  • to that of high iron

  • concentrations.

  • Black stain on plumbing

  • fixtures

  • Slime or residue in

  • pipes, fouling appliances and fixtures.

  • High hydrogen sulfides

  • can be corrosive to metals. If you

  • have copper water piping

  • or cast iron waste piping in your house this is bad.

  • Hydrogen sulfide can

  • foul the resin bed in a common ionic

  • exchange water softener. 

What can I do to treat my water?

Well there are quite a few options actually. We can assist you in finding the right option for you, no matter what your budget or situation is! There are literally hundreds of different types of water filters that you can choose from. Contact us today and we'll help get started on the right path to cleaner, safer and more refreshing water for you and your family!

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