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My pricing is well below the industry average because I'm a small, independent owner-operator. I don't over advertise, creating a huge budget burden that has to get passed on to my customers. I fully intend to remain the low price leader, without sacrificing on quality, professional workmanship and after sales services.

You've heard the age-old saying "you get what you pay for"...well that doesn't hold true in this industry. If you're not careful, you'll overspend thousands of dollars for second-rate, poorly installed equipment and horrible service. I provide the nation's leading manufacturer of control valves, along with one of the most expensive resins, professionally installed for thousands less. You get more than a fair deal wit me...and the's the truth!

Don't Get Ripped Off By Big Franchise Dealers!

Unfortunately there are many unscrupulous, unethical rip-off companies in the water treatment industry. It's a shame that we must spend so much time and effort in warning folks about how good salesman have become in separating you from your hard earned money. I wish "big franchise dealers" were the only potential scams out there but, everyday I see more and more ways the purchasing public is being taken.  Hopefully these words of warning will find there way to someone shopping for water treatment equipment and save them from getting ripped-off.

The very first thing you should do when purchasing is...SLOW DOWN. If there is even a hint of high-pressure, you're getting scammed. Salesmen will say anything (true or untrue) to get your business. Salesmen will flat out lie right to your face and hit  happens all the time. Most people think they're relatively good at knowing when they're being "hoodwinked" but believe me they're better at lying than you are at knowing the truth! Her's the easy fix...SLOW DOWN!

You can eliminate over half the potential scams by just waiting one day. Most of the scams rely on getting you to make an emotional quick decision (you think you've thought it through but you're falling for their trick!). they have "sales training" seminars designed to outwit you! Their training is not about "water treatment" it's about how to get you to! Never sign or decide on the first date. 

ALWAYS CALL the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU ( or phone 407-621-3300) and click on "view report" tab then scroll down to "Customer Complaint History." and if you see ANY COMPLAINTS **BEWARE**.

Here's another really good way to insure you're getting treated right...ask for references in your neighborhood. Any company worth a hoot will have satisfied customers locally. Nothing beats the recommendation of a satisfied customer (or two); insist on it.

Don't Get Ripped Off by Big Franchise Dealers!

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